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Adventures with I HATE TODD
They say the first step in conquering addiction is admitting you have one. This to me, begs the question... read more

New Music Video from Last Bullet - Runnin' Out of Time
On Wednesday March 19th, Toronto rock juggernaut Last Bullet released their... read more

The Meaning of New Year's
Happy New Year! A phrase that I’m sure that we’re all familiar with, carries a variety of meanings for people. For some, it’s... read more

Kaylann Mackinnon releases official video for her single Down to You
On Friday November 29th, Toronto musician Kaylan Mackinnon followed up her single... read more

Heathers @ The Rivoli Oct 25
Dublin has given the world all the things that is good with life: great beer & great music You can add the acoustic pop sounds of Heathers to that list as well... read more

San Francisco musician Thao Nguyen proves good music can have a conscience
First impression after giving We The Common a listen? Songs that have a conscience can be fun and more

Mushy Callahan rock the Annex WreckRoom with the Makings of a Man On Saturday, October 5, Alberta-based band Mushy Callahan played a release show for their debut full-length album, “Makings of a Man.” I attended said concert at the Annex Wreckroom, and had the opportunity more

The Sky is only the Beginning for Rachael Kennedy “If I wasn’t a musician, I’d probably be working for NASA... something about the outer space fascinates me”. Thank your fortunes that Rachael Kennedy is not floating around the final frontier in a space suit. Instead, she more

Kat Edmonson Performs at the Legendary El Mocambo If you were the few who weren’t at the Local Natives show, then you were probably at El Mocambo to see the American singer/songwriter Kat Edmonson. And you were in for a treat!read more

Mo Kenney brings her art of storytelling to TorontoRose Cousins. Jenn Grant. Matt Mays. Joel Plaskett. What do these names have in common? Two things: 1. They all hail from the East Coast of Canada, and 2. All of them are amazing storytellers. After seeing her live in concert, you can add Mo Kenney to that list of talented more

Walk The Moon Descend on Toronto Does being catchy change the indie status of a band? I am aware of my ambiguous use of indie here, yet I have a feeling you know what I more

“My Favorite Screwballs”, Gogol Bordello at The Danforth Music Hall When Gogol Bordello was formed in 1999, I was 11 years old. Young, impressionable, and still open to everything. My favorite things at the time were: The Backstreet Boys (I was 11!), Nirvana, (is that better?), summer theatre camp, my grandmother’s house, Disney movies, and Aerosmith. Punk and politics hadn’t really touched me more

Kaleb + Tanya at Cameron house “Kaleb” is Kaleb Hikele, someone I saw open for one of my various Pigott Brothers gigs and I was thoroughly impressed with his smooth, heartfelt acoustic style onstage. Naturally, when I received a text a saying that Kaleb had a gig of his own with his friend more

Ungrateful Children EP release party with The Rotten and Frantic Fanatica - Cherry Cola’s: Hearing many good things about both Ungrateful Children and Cherry Cola’s since coming to Toronto a few months ago, I naturally pounced on the chance to see this band at this venue when it came up. Or more more


MUSHY CALLAHAN play's Toronto September 20 and debuts their new album titled Makings of a Man, Available Now on iTunes! Fresh off a UK tour that included a featured spot at the FOCUS WALES Festival, MUSHY CALLAHAN return to their roots with a new album and Canadian tour. This literal band of brothers from Peace River, Alberta will release their debut full-length album, Makings of a Man, featuring the single Weathered more

Featured Profile: Last Bullet Last Bullet is a “straight-up rock band” with a great sense of humor. Two of the five got together as a garage band just messing around, and eventually they decided to try writing proper songs. From there they found a bass player, called in a friend as their drummer and spent a year searching for a lead singer before finding Brian. In their own words “everything just clicked.”read more

New Release: On July 31st, 2013 San Diego Rapper Jevy released his new single titled Ambitious State of Mind featuring St. George On, Pop Singer Andrea Godin off of his new mix tape titled S.N.A.P. more

The Sound of Pedestrian Sundays in Kensington Market (July 28, 2013): Hello again, darling readers! On Sunday July 28th I had the chance to experience something that truly only happens in Toronto, Pedestrian Sunday in Kensington Market. Having just moved from Alberta, it’s one of the things that excites me the most about more

UFO’s Exist: Incredible Music on the Horizon I first heard Absolutely Free when they opened for an Akron/Family concert at Lee’s Palace on April 19, 2013. Of course, they were better than the actual band I had paid money to see. Absolutely Free are from Toronto, and were originally called MM/DD/ more

Best Female Artist of the Year”: A look at canadian singer-songwriter Cold Specks Cold Specks is now the solo title of Canadian singer-songwriter Al Spx. She released a wonderful debut album entitled “I Predict a Graceful Expulsion” last year, which was nominated for the 2012 Polaris Music more

Oliver Pigott at Cameron House, August 1, 2013 It’s true, I tend to latch onto musicians. Ask anybody, I’ll see a band or musician every time they play if I like the way they more

NXNE 2013: Former Rugby player tackles a country music career: Australian singer Brad Butcher picked up the guitar when he was just 11-years-old and developed a love for singing and song more

Post NXNE:One Fire Movement benefit; On Saturday, June 15th, 2013 I was privileged to be party to the One Fire Movements “We Are One” CD release party/benefit for the Nellie Women's shelter and Amnesty International at The Mod Club in Toronto for NXNE more

Music Video Release: On Wednesday, July 10th, Toronto powerhouse Rock & Roll band Last Bullet released the official music video for their song Forget The Rest off of their 2012 Album, Love.Lust.Illustion!read more

Music Video Release: On Monday, July 8th, Toronto r&b/soul/pop singer Candice Sand followed up her hit "I Got This" with the official music video!read more

NXNE 2013: VIDEO, Alissa Vox Raw Intrview On Friday, June 14th, Josh sat down with Toronto Experimental/Soul/Indie/Blues/New wave artist Alissa Vox Raw as part of our NXNE coverage with One Fire Movementread more

NXNE 2013: VIDEO, Christian Bridges Intrview On Friday, June 14th, Josh sat down with Toronto Acoustic/Rock/Soul artist Christian Bridges as part of our NXNE coverage with One Fire Movementread more

NXNE 2013: Raising the Flag at the Opera House: Friday, June 14th, 2013 I had the good fortune to catch the Flag show at The Opera House. The opening act was a band called Brooklyn Fletcher. Speaking with the lead singer I learned more

Australia’s Brad Butcher Rocks the Free Times Café at NXNE’s 2013 music festival: Armed with only a guitar and his voice, it didn’t take long for Queensland Australia’s Brad Butcher to get the full attention of the audience at the Free Times caféread more

Breaking News: Mississauga Jazz/Pop singer Arlene Paculan releases official Music Video for Right Behind more

Press Release: Death Metal band XUL Checks In with their exclusive tour blog on; Additional Canadian tour dates & a free album download of more

Link to Article Halfway Heroes’ New Release: Welcome To Oakhaven
Dom Orsi of Halfway Heroes is giving me the details of the band's upcoming release of Welcome to Oakhaven, their new single.READ MORE +

Link to Article Andria Simone at the El Mocambo
I caught Andria Simones March 1st, 2013 show at the legendary El Mocambo in Toronto. Having never heard Andria’s work prior to the engagement and I have to say I was.READ MORE +

Link to Article The Bassline Blog: It's more than just numbers
Today were going to answer one of the many questions that we've received over the years; why don't we post the stats and numbers for events like the Song of the year.READ MORE +

Link to ReviewDown, Record by Mark Martyre
So I've been giving a listen to Mark Martyre's Down, Record for the last couple of weeks, and I gotta say I really dig the sound. Though the voice isn't anywhere near the same, the music itself reminds me a lot of...READ MORE +

Link to Article Thrash Out with Your Stache Out
On Saturday, November 24th, bands tore up the stage at the Rockpile in Etobicoke for Movember Madness II, where a portion of money raised from ticket sales and raffles at the show went towardsREAD MORE +

Link to Article Thing are Looking Up for Victory Bells:
Toronto band Victory Bells recently released their first full length album, entitled Looking Up. Originally hailing from London, Ontario, the band has made their mark on the Toronto music scene, playing acoustic shows at various venues across the city.READ MORE +

Link to Article Speaking The Speech With Highspeech
Joe Zambri of INtune Magazine was present at a show on Saturday, October 20th to witness a live act by a newly formed, Scarborough, Alternative and Blues act known as Highspeech. This was his second time seeing the band and with a little bit more knowledge of the material there to learn about the speech of Highspeech.READ MORE +

Link to Article The is Still Hope for Holiday Music
Now that the holidays are rapidly approaching, or encroaching us with their bloating food and crowded shopping centers, it’s time to reconsider one negative aspect of the holiday season: the Christmas.READ MORE +

Link to Article Fallen Heirs & Left Turn City @ The Tattoo Rock Parlour:
On Friday, October 19th of 2012 I took in the Fallen Heirs featuring Left Turn City show at the Tattoo Rock Parlour.READ MORE +

Link to Article Indie Week Day 2:
If there is one thing I’ve learned this past week, it’s that we Canadians definitely have something to be proud about with are musicians.READ MORE +

Link to Review Review: Melissa Bel's "Brave" Attempt at Blues
I was initially inclined to not like Melissa Bel’s album “Brave”. While possessing bluesy undertones, the sound remains somewhat mainstream and obvious. The lyrics lack in originality, and I found...READ MORE +

Link to Article MySpace Makes a ComeBack
Myspace has come a long way since the days of profiles full of glitter text, animated cursors, and, of course, everyone’s top friend Tom.READ MORE +

Link to ReviewReview:Victory Bells' Valetta
I've recently checked out Victory Bells' EP Valetta and I'm really liking it. Though it is only four songs, I did like all four of them; it's always been important for me to like all of the songs...READ MORE +

Link to Article Meghan Morrison, Live @ The Central
They say some things you just have to see for yourself to really appreciate them. In the case of Meghan Morrison I always knew that she was good but before yesterday, I didn’t really know how good she was.READ MORE +

Link to Article What's your sound of music?
Here is something to that you may find interesting to consider; what does your homework sound like? No really, think about it for a second. When you go to do your homework or study for an exam, what is your auditory environment like? Which the Fall Semester starting for most students, this something worth considering.READ MORE +

Link to ReviewAndrea Godin's ANDREA Review
One of the most rewarding things about doing an indie magazine is that you get to see all the new and creative ways that artists try and express themselves through their music; you get a firsthand...READ MORE +

Link to Review Meggan Lindeman's My Demo Review
As of this writing, I have conducted about 15 hours of interviews with 19 different artists. I’ve asked them a plethora of questions ranging from “what kind of emotional connection do you have with your fans and how to...READ MORE +