The Bassline Blog: It's more than just numbers (Editorial)

Sunday · February 3rd · 2013

Today were going to answer one of the many questions that we've received over the years; why don't we post the stats and numbers for events like the Song of the year. This is a question that was asked quite frequently during last year’s awards and we've held off on giving our reason why due to fears that it may be dismissed as being ideological or foolish. In any case we think it's time to answer one of the most burning questions we've had:

"Why doesn't INtune Magazine post the numbers from votes?"

Simply put, we feel that bringing in "the numbers game" into things like the Song of the Month and Song of the Year distracts attention away from what this is all about; the music.

We realize that in the ever evolving world of the music industry, it has more or less become a numbers game where the artist with the most followers on Twitter or most likes on Facebook wins. However for us, that has never been the point of what we do. As we've grown with the artists in the GTHA, the idea behind the Original 10 awards is to generate awareness in the community of the music at their doorstep by having them participate in an event exclusively featuring local musicians.

While of course we're not ignorant to the value of cold hard stats (and we make them readily available to the artists), we've decided to not make them the focus of any of the events we host. This is why we never do in depth analysis of poll results and why we don't really advertise the numbers beyond a collective sum. Last year we had a few thousand participants in Song of the Year Awards. To us, that's thousands of people exposed to new music.

The numbers do matter and they play an integral part in the growth of our local artists and of INtune Magazine. Having said that, we’re not going let the number take the center stage; we’ll leave that to the artists.


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