Your Sound of Music

Friday · August 24th · 2012

Here is something to that you may find interesting to consider; what does your homework sound like? No really, think about it for a second. When you go to do your homework or study for an exam, what’s your auditory environment like? With the Fall Semester starting for most students, this just may be something worth considering.

I remember back in High School always being told that the proper way to study anything was to be in a quiet room devoid of all life and sound (save for your breathing) that way you can concentrate on the task at hand and better retain the information you’re going over. Sound advice right?

Well ya, kind of. While undoubtedly we all occasionally need some quiet time to think and to concentrate on the task at hand, I personally can’t say that this is a universal truth. In fact I find that in order for me to be the most productive (and I know this to be true of several of my colleagues) I need something to stimulate my brain and in many cases that stimulation comes in the form of music or a movie; ultimately I find that I need some sort of background “noise” or some sort of ambient sound to get my brain moving.

Now some of you reading this are going to understand exactly where I’m coming from while others may think this is utter nonsense. While I'm not here to try and convince one side or the other which is actually useful, I am here to give you a few tips! Next time you go to do homework or study for an exam, try and consciously take note of the environment around you. That way If you find you’re having trouble concentrating on an assignment or a project, you may not have to look far for the cause. Why not try and add some ambient noise to your working repertoire (like music or a movie you’ve seen so many times you know it by heart). Or if you’re like me why not try working in silence.

My point is we all learn differently and over time, we change; if you find that what traditionally worked isn’t working anymore, you may try and find a new study niche in which you can become more productive.


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