Victory Bells - Valetta Review

Wednesday · September 5th · 2012

I've recently checked out Victory Bells' EP Valetta and I'm really liking it. Though it is only four songs, I did like all four of them; it's always been important for me to like all of the songs an artist puts out, so I was pleased to find that was the case here. Victory Bells' sound has a general mellowness and a gentleness in the music and the lyrics, which I've quickly grown fond of. Normally, I find that when I listen to mellow music it puts me to sleep, however in this case I've found that I can listen to Victory Bells any time, whether I'm taking a nap, sitting down to dinner, working out. Valetta is basically a “wherever, whenever” kind of album.

I was also impressed with the recording quality; growing up, my parents had a lot of musician friends and in recent years I've known a lot of musicians myself, including my brothe, so recording quality is something I do notice, usually immediately. Sometimes you get a band releasing independently and you can tell in the recording quality of their music that they don't have big-budget backing, no matter how well they play/sing.

Victory Bells' recording quality is almost studio-grade, very professional and clean. Now, I'll be the first to admit that sometimes I do like the gritty, unprofessional recording quality. Certain bands just wouldn't be the same without the do-it-yourself, low fidelity recording methods, but in the case of Victory Bells the clean recording sound works in tandem with the mellow music and lyrics.

Audio: Four Years by Victory Bells

In particular I've fallen in love with the song Four Years. Something about the lyrics feel familiar to me in a way. I look at that as a sign of good writing on the part of Victory Bells, because though the emotion I get is kind of ambiguous, it’s still there being touched on by the music.

Another song that evokes a kind of ambiguous emotion in me is Midnight Moonlight. I'm not sure what it is about that one that makes me feel, or what it is I'm feeling when I listen to it, but its there and it takes some talent to be able to do that.

In all honesty, the music itself is simplistic, the ambiance is mellowness and calm, the lyrics are well-thought and I daresay they're pretty beautiful. I can listen no matter what I'm doing, even when I'm gaming. Victory Bells has quickly become my favorite local indie artist, finally knocking The Murder Squad out of their nine year choke-hold on the coveted position – that being said, I'd say this is a definite winner and you should get your hands on it ASAP.

album info

Title: Valetta
Artist: Victory Bells
Release Date: 2010

Track list
1. Valetta - 2:16
2. Four Years - 3:03
3. Midnight Moonlight - 3:58
4. Corousel - 3:14


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