Review - Andrea Godin's self titled Album, Andrea

Sunday · August 7th · 2011

One of the most rewarding things about doing an indie magazine is that you get to see all the new and creative ways that artists try and express themselves through their music; you get a firsthand look at hidden talent. It’s amazing to see the amount of talent the world has to offer that the general public this doesn’t know about. Even with a powerful resource such the Internet, finding talented artists is like a needle in a haystack; it’s not easy to do. It’s something that you have to dedicate time to doing, and it must be something that you just really want to do. However, in a search with such broad parameters, it can truly be an arduous task as there is so out there, and at times it seems as though you’re just searching in vain.Released in 2010, Andrea Godin’s self titled debut album is one of those hidden gems which make the search for talented artists worthwhile. Released in 2010, Andrea Godin’s self titled debut album is one of those hidden gems which make the search for talented artists worthwhile.

Now, one of the things that often stops people from buying full albums is that they find that they really only like one song on the entire disk. With Andrea, it’s clear that Andrea Godin decided to go the route of quality over quantity. With six songs on the disk: Sunset to Sunrise, Can’t let go, Superman, Bass Goes Down, Like That, and I’ll Never Know; it’s clear from start to finish that she dedicated a lot of time, effort and care to deliver solid tracks to the listener.

There is no doubt about it, Andrea is a vocal powerhouse. With a voice that projects well beyond her years, Andrea’s mature and powerful voice will have you on the edge of your seat with anticipation to hear what she’ll do next. Regardless of the tempo or mood, Andrea pulls it off like a veteran singer delivering a constant stream of quality, passion and strength from song to song.

Audio: Superman by Andrea

Lyrically Andrea doesn’t disappoint. Andrea Godin shows that she’s fully capable of mixing poetic elegance as a story teller in songs like I’ll Never Know and Superman, and witty simplicity in songs like Bass Goes Down and Sunset to Sunrise.

Andrea Godin a singing, song writing powerhouse and she’s got the tracks to prove it. Released in 2010, Andrea is definitely a hidden gem worth searching for. With six solid tracks, this album is a great introduction to talented a new singer who is going to be doing big things over the course of their career. My recommendation: Get It!

Point of Interest: Released in May of this year (2011) Andrea is already setting up for an encore with her single Bullet.

album info

Title: Andrea
Artist: Andrea Godin
Release Date: 2010

Track list
1. Sunset To Sunrise - 3:38
2. Can't Let Go - 4:01
3. Superman - 4:17
4. Bass Goes Down - 3:47
5. Like That - 3:56
6. I'll Never Know - 3:45


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