The Meaning of New Year's

Thursday · October 17th · 2013

Happy New Year! A phrase that I’m sure that we’re all familiar with, carries a variety of meanings for people. For some, it’s a bittersweet conclusion to a chapter in their lives and the beginning of another. For some, it may stand as a testament to how much you got crossed off that New Year resolutions list from 10 years ago. Meanwhile for others it’s that awkward period of time where you’re trying to piece together how you spent the last hours of the previous year. Regardless, New Year’s means something for everyone (even if that something is nothing); here’s what it means to a few musicians around the GTA:

Candice Sand | r&b·soul·pop

Highlights of 2013:
What are some highlights from 2013? 2013 rocked! I wrote and recorded my new EP with the amazing Kuya Productions team (which will be released this year), I was a guest performer at the Miss Universe Canada pageant, I spent 2 weeks in Nashville writing with some really amazing songwriters, and the biggest highlight: I was asked to perform at the David Foster Miracle Gala in a flash mob and later I was randomly pulled onstage by the 'Hitman' himself to sing "I Have Nothing" (written and produced by David Foster and originally recorded by Whitney Houston... and the cherry on top... I received a standing ovation from the star studded audience! Through all these wonderful (sometimes scary) experiences, I really pushed myself and I found out a lot about myself. Most importantly, I found out that I'm willing and able to rise to a challenge.

New Year’s Resolution:
What's your New Year’s Resolution (for 2014)? I keep a ton a resolutions. Small things in every area of my life that I can improve, but above all this is my big 2014 resolution: "surrender to the unknown"... Meaning: surrender your need to control your life perfectly and be open to receiving those things (people and experiences) out there in the unknown... things that you are not even aware that they exist, but they could help you live a fulfilled and happy life =)

Jessica Speziale | pop·rock·soul

Highlights of 2013:
Definitely playing all three major indie festivals in Toronto!!!! NXNE, CMW, and Indie Week! All three were completely magical...Also a highlight has been working with the One Fire Movement on our charity compilation CD, We Are One, and the associated shows for Nellie's Women's Shelter and Amnesty International! I also had a riot with the band when we went to Ottawa in June <3 Touring’s a riot!

New Year’s Resolution:
My resolution this year is to take better care of my body and mind. Crazy schedules, late nights, and getting emotionally raw in the creative process can really take their toll. I want to keep my body strong and my mind more centred to make sure I'm always in fighting shape for this amazing ride!

Highspeech | blues·rock·alternative

Highlights of 2013:
Starting a demo cd and getting a new drummer.

New Year’s Resolution:
Our resolution is to play more shows.

Andrea Godin | pop·dance·r&b

Highlights of 2013:
This year has gone by so fast but I can't believe how much I've accomplished over the past year. There's been so many highlights that it's hard to just pick a few. One of the main things that stand out is the Hot Summer music video shoot. It was an amazing experience with an amazing team. I think we definitely captured the vibe of the single in the video, with the crowds, summer day, beach, party feel! Another highlight would be having the opportunity to work with so many people around the world including France, Hungary, LA, Montreal, and many more. The project that I worked on in LA called Memories ended up charting #44 on the iTunes Top 100 Dance Charts in December 2013 which was really exciting. These are only a few highlights of the many that I had this past year. I can't wait to accomplish even more in 2014!

New Year’s Resolution:
I don't necessarily have one particular New Year’s resolution, but I'm going into 2014 prepared and ready to work even harder than before on music! I'm working with some great people who help keep me inspired and we know this is going to be a big year.

Kaylan Mackinnon | pop

Highlights of 2013:
Visiting Australia, releasing my first single Down To You, connecting with some amazing people around the Vancouver/Toronto area.

New Year’s Resolution:
To take advantage of all good opportunities.

Nala | r&b

Highlights of 2013:
The most memorable event of 2013 was releasing my FACTOR supported debut EP LoveChild co-produced by Orin Isaacs and holding my very first Album Launch Concert at C'est What? on February 24, 2013 and selling out of CD's while at it!

Filming my first ever music video for the single Tender Kisses and completing recording for my OAC supported second record to be released later this year!

As well, being approved to reside as an artist at Lakeshore Village Artists in Toronto!

New Year’s Resolution:
To continue on a positive path all the while listening to my heart.
To create & perform songs that will inspire and provoke thought!
Tour this summer!
To practice piano and learn to work with Logic 9 ;)

Avarice | metal·punk

Highlights of 2013:
I would say our highlights from 2013 would be touring in the summer. We got to play all over Ontario and Quebec. We really grew as a band, in terms of experience and our live performances.

New Year’s Resolution:
Our new year’s resolution would be to continue to push ourselves to the boundaries of making and performing music.

Stephanie Braganza | electronic·pop·r&b

Highlights of 2013:
Released single 2 Good 2 Be single and music video
Performed at Toronto's Indie Week Music festival
Got single played on radio stations across Canada and on OMNI TV
Started recording the next single, which should be available on in February
Invited to be a part of the SIPO Foundation, guest singer of Anthem "Time To Shine"
2 Good 2 Be reached number 1 for INtune Magazine
Top 50 Entrepreneurs at
2 Good 2 Be made it onto Goa Chillout international Compilation CD
2 Good 2 Be reached number 1 on ReverbNation
Selected to air on Women of Substance Radio
Featured Artist on Keek app with front page headlining video
Performed at Toronto Veggie Pride Parade

New Year’s Resolution:
To do BIGGER and BETTER in my music than last year!
To reach out and volunteer my music and live performances to more animal rights events/fundraisers

Seed Of Nature | alternative

Highlights of 2013:
Biggest highlight from last year was the album, hands down. After that comes playing venues like The Opera House, Lee's Palace, and The Mod Club.

New Year’s Resolution:
Our resolution for this year would be to make a bigger stink than last (more shows, possibly a new full length, stuff like that).


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