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Tuesday · August 28th · 2012

They say some things you really just have to see for yourself to really appreciate them. In the case of Meghan Morrison I always knew that she was good but before yesterday, I didn’t really know how good she was.

Stuart Everitt, Evan LeBlanc and Meghan Morrison

It’s been about a year since I Meghan Morrison has been on TOSRadio, and in that time I’ve become pretty well acquainted with her music to the point that I don’t even need to look at my Zune HD to know which of her songs that I’m listening to. Having said that, to my own surprise and disappointment up until yesterday, I had yet to actually see her perform live. Now having seen her perform live, it has brought a brand new element to my listening experience; I now have a whole new appreciation her talent and music that she brings to the table.

Meghan Morrison

Live at The Central in Toronto Ontario, seeing Meghan on stage it’s easy to see that she is a natural as in between each song that she played, she took the time to interact with the audience and make us feel like we were a part of the show. Guests during her performance include spoken word artist Lizzy Violet who amused the audience with her well-crafted and witty poetry, and solo performances by Tycho Mason, Stuart Everitt and Evan LeBlanc.

My Mother Thinks I'm a Serial Killer By Lizzie Violet @ The Central (25/08/2012)

And then there was Meghan herself; Meghan opened up her set with “Still”, a classic song from Dara’s Wedding Tour and wasted no time in moving on to some of her most recent, and newest work. P{laying a 9 song set Meghan showed the power of her voice and lyrical strength through a variety songs from the upbeat Good People & Still to the more somber Hush and newest addition to her belt, Echo.

The Weather Girl by Meghan Morrison @ The Central (25/08/2012)

It will be great to see what Meghan comes up with next. Hosting a great show, Meghan Morrison is an artist that you should definitely take the time to see live. You can Purchase Meghan’s Music on iTunes and Zune Marketplace.


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