Thing are Looking Up for Victory Bells

Sunday · November 25th · 2012

Sound the bells, there's new music in Toronto!

Toronto band Victory Bells recently released their first full length album, entitled Looking Up. Originally hailing from London, Ontario, the band has made their mark on the Toronto music scene, playing acoustic shows at various venues across the city. The pop-rock band has a different feel from much of the other music typically heard in the genre, with songs that feature instruments such as the harmonica and the trumpet.

Victory Bells

Phillip Da Silva, the lead singer and rhythm guitarist of Victory Bells, stopped by the INtuneRadio studio the week before the official release of Looking Up to talk to us about the new album, the band, and exactly where Victory Bells is headed. “I think right now, for me, I would like to stay independent, even if I was approached….It feels like it’s the right decision and it fits my lifestyle,” he said when asked about what will be happening with the band in the future. “In the last six months there’s been a lot of opportunity for myself to go in any different direction from this band, but my main goal is not to leave Victory Bells.” The band is currently going strong and gaining popularity, so new directions are a very real possibility. Get ready world, Phil mentioned plans for both a children’s album and a Portuguese album in the future!

Phil in studio with INtuneRadio

The CD release party was held at Izakaya Sushi House at 294 College Street in the Kensington Market area. Victory Bells played their first plugged in set in a year, with the help of their drummer, who was actually visiting Toronto from his hometown in England for the week, as well as special guest Janice Kwan, also known as Juliana’s Daughter. The band played a variety of songs, including many from the new album, as well as some from their previous EP Valetta, and even some unreleased tunes.

Janice of Julians Daughter

Looking Up is available for purchase in a few of the city’s record stores, including Soundscapes at 572 College Street. To hear more of Victory Bells, head over to their Myspace page, or find them on Soundcloud. Follow the band on Twitter for more information on what’s next in terms of new music and shows. To hear the full interview with Phil, head over to the Victory Bells page in our library.


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