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Friday · July 15th · 2011

As of this writing, I have conducted about 15 hours of interviews with 19 different artists. I’ve asked them a plethora of questions ranging from “what kind of emotional connection do you have with your fans and how to they drive your music?” to “does it ever get annoying to be asked the same question over and over again?”. One question however, as generic as it may sound, is essentially unavoidable to ask; how would you classify your music? A Classification of music is one of those things that is as important to the fan as it is to the artists; it gives people a common ground to which they can relate to a song or artists, and vice versa. The only problem is that as important as a genre may be to people, it’s really an ambiguous matter; no one really knows and even fewer people can agree on what’s what. You could play the same song to 10 different people and would probably get 10 different answers from them on a specific genre. It doesn’t help matters that the classic genres are now becoming blurred as modern artists are experimenting by fusing several genres together into one. Rock and rap have converged as well as Rock and Electronica; it’s no wonder why it’s getting harder to classify music as one thing. Enter Meggan Lindeman’s LP, My Demo. Even as I was conducting the interview with this young woman, we couldn’t agree on what to classify her music as. I suppose genre is in the ears of the listener, but in any case I don’t really know what to classify Meggan’s music as, other than good music.

Meggan Lindeman’s My demo consists of 3 songs: Tell me why, Falling for you (adorable), and You and me together. Each song on this LP works together to chronicle the story of a relationship; Tell me why starts us off at the end of a relationship where all one really desires is answers. You and me together continues the story as kind of that self reflection where we start to figure ourselves out and what we want in a relationship. Closing off with Falling for you, which reflects upon the essence that leads to the beginning of a relationship were you develop an interest in someone, figuratively falling for them.

Right off the bat your interest is piqued with the upbeat rhythm of Tell me why. Just 10 seconds into the song you’ll find yourself bobbing your head to the beat. Less than 1 minute into the song (for me it was about 30 seconds) and you’re hooked. You’re then transitioned to You and me together which is a slower but still up beat song that embodies a serene environment and is an easy favourite for those who want a song to relax to. Then you’re introduced to the final song on this demo, Falling for you; a slow paced song which has this sort of iridescent feel to it, as if you’re in a dream.

Audio: Tell me why by Meggan Lindeman

Of course there’s more to music than just the instrumentals; there’s also the vocals and lyrics. I think it’s worth noting here that Meggan writes her own music and lyrics, and it’s easy to tell that she’s got a knack for it. Spanning across the 3 songs on her demo there’s an obvious level of maturity in her lyrics. Thoughtful and well crafted, the lyrics in each song tell you a story in an elegant and poetic manner that effectively inject you into the picture they are painting.

Then there are the vocals. Immediately as her vocals come in on the first track you know you’re in for a treat. At the end of the day, a song is only as a strong as the voice that sings it and her tracks are solid. Meggan has a strong and distinctive voice that is a real pleasure to listen to. Her voice guides you as she takes you through the story of each song, and you can feel what she feels.

Regardless of what you want to classify her music as, there is an ineffable quality to her music. Currently working on her debut album, Meggan Lindeman’s My Demo is just a sample of what she can do, and she does it well. There is no doubt that we are bearing witness to a talented young star in the making and My Demo is just the start. I highly recommend taking a look at Meggan’s LP as it is a great demo with 3 well crafted songs. A definite hit!

album info

Title: My demo
Artist: Meggan Lindeman
Release Date: 2010

Track list
1. Tell Me why - 3:05
2. You and me together - 2:36
3. Falling for You (Adorable) - 4:16


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