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bio: Jetcoaster - Toronto, On.

JETCOASTER is a piano pop-rock band from Toronto, ON. From fantastically funky to softly sincere, JC’s music provides all of the ups and downs that their midway-themed name would suggest. Daring dips, tremendous turns, sensational spirals, courageous curves and death-defying drops; Come on out with us and RIDE THE JETCOASTER.

FUN FACTS * Brent still owns (and listens to) the entire MuchMusic DanceMix collection
* Sarah is incredibly likeable because she is secretly an east-coaster
* Jonny is an avid surfer, motorcycler and jet-setter; Basically anything that would make you jealous
* Nigel just grew a beard
* The band name Jetcoaster originated from a phone conversation Brent once had with a popular NY music producer, where they discussed a great song as functioning much like a idea, right?
* Sarah loves puppies
* Actually come to think of it, so do Jon , Brent and Nigel
* But Sarah loves puppies a little bit more than average
* Jetcoaster is what Japanese people call Rollercoasters. "Watashi Wa Jetcoaster Ga Suki Desu!!!"
* Brent hates meatloaf
* But seriously, meatloaf is totally yucky
* In another life, Nigel was a Roman Emperor (he was firm but fair)
* The band's zodiac signs are Libra, Cancer, Virgo and Taurus
* INtune Magazine is Jetcoaster's favorite magazine, music channel and website in the entire UNIVERSE!


Love Is Trying To Find You (2013) - Buy this on: Website


Brent Miller - Vocals/Piano
Sarah Giles - Bass, Double Bass, Backups
Nigel Stegenga - Guitars, Backups
Jonny Swank - Drums, Stunts

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