Arlene Paculan

contemporary · jazz · pop

arlene paculan · mississauga, canada

Arlene Paculan is a serenading Scheherazade. She creates soulful pop that is haunting and passionate, lulling you into safe yet invigorating reverie. A triple-threat graduate of Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts in Toronto with Grade 7 from the Royal Conservatory of Music, Arlene enriches cover tunes and crafts distinctive original music that soothes, heartens and delights. Her debut EP album I’m Worth It was released in 2010. With her company Lene, Mean and Green she produces dynamic live shows, such as her Wonder Women series, which aim to cultivate local talent as well as encourage awareness of local charities in Mississauga, Toronto and beyond.

Interview with Arlene Paculan

The Original SoundTrack, Season 5


I'm Worth It (2010)

Everything Begins With Love (2013)