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A sophisticated and lovely synth/drum duo whose most recent album, Once Smitten, was produced by the stellar Gavin Brown (Metric, Billy Talent, Sarah Harmer) and Dave Mohacsi.

It showcases their unique brand of post-indie-dance-rock, blending authentic and imaginative sounds through a mixture of gorgeous vocals, heavy analog synths, lovely melodies and huge complex drum beats that reverberate in your mind for days and days and days.

The Killbots have been garnering much attention and acclaim from press and radio alike, with an outstanding live show and recent achievement of #1 on the electronic radio charts!

Once Smitten is a darkly dancetastic robot masterpiece - Dan from TWM

This is a phenomenal piece of work. Almost every song will resonate with you after only one listen and it proves that, to quote Dan Managan, robots need love too - Michael from Greyowl Point

Much like the impending robot enslavement of all humanity, you would be wise to keep your eye on this talented electro-pop duo. With a new album under their belt, the Lovely Killbots are ready to take over - Orlando from Soundproof Magazine

Lauralee : Vocals, Synth
Ryan : Drums


Must Be Machinen Remix (2012, Single) - By this on: iTunes
Time for Change (2011, Single) - Buy this on: iTunes
Once Smitten (2011) - Buy this on: iTunes
Primrose Lane (2008)- Buy this on: iTunes

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