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highspeech · toronto, canada

Formed late in 2011, Highspeech identifies as a genre we like to call Bluescore. Bluescore (Blues-core, not Blue-score) is a sexy mix of Blues, Rock, and Alternative influences that are displayed in our songs either separately, or synthesized seamlessly together.

Even though Highspeech is a relative newcomer in the Toronto music scene, it has already graced the stage at a few celebrated venues such as The El Mocambo, Velvet Underground, and more recently the Sound Academy. And coming in hot on Highspeech's radar, is the grand Opera House.

Currently, Highspeech has three songs recorded and open for the public to enjoy: Chains Of Our People, Lonesome Days, and One Day. Chains Of Our People is a high energy alternative rock song with a powerful message. Lonesome Days is a bluesy rock song that is sure to get you up on your feet. One Day is a catchy, lighthearted alternative/pop rock song that will have you singing along by the second chorus.

While you can get a sense of what we’re all about through our tracks, it's become a consensus among our listeners that seeing us live is a real treat. While all the notes are perfect when recorded, you can’t beat that raw energy and grit you get from watching us perform on stage!


Danny Roberts, Vocals
Mrudul Kamble, Guitar
Richard Brown, Guitar & Backing Vocals
Steven Kodje, Bass
Will Scinocca, Drums

Interview with Highspeech

The Original SoundTrack, Season 7


Highspeech (2012)