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Turning whispers into shouts and rumours into reality, NALA is getting noticed on the Toronto music scene. NALA is, of course, the alias of singer, songwriter & recording artist Nala Burdyna. With the help of emerging artists and industry veterans, NALA has molded a signature blend of Hip-Hop and NeoSoul. At the heart of it all are refreshingly honest vocals.

“Singing is my artistic outlet – it allows me to express how and what I feel. Often times it feels more natural than speaking”. -NALA

From the onset of the first note it is clear that NALA’s song resonates with the truths of personal experience. February 24th 2013 marked the release of NALA’s FACTOR supported debut EP entitled LoveChild which embraces the many faces of Love and recalls its bountiful struggles and triumphs. Stories from the heart, told with the ease of someone who’s been there, failed once and tried harder. NALA’s debut 5-song EP was written with the help of her songwriting team: drummer/songwriter Dave Pake & keyboardist/songwriter Sebastian Buccioni. LoveChild is being produced by the Juno Award winning Orin Isaacs (The Mike Bullard Show, Canadian Idol, Canada’s Got Talent).

“Getting the opportunity to work with Orin on something so truly special and close to my heart, was honestly, a dream come true. He’s totally down to earth and funny and so relaxed…. It’s made the experience a lot of fun. Thanks to him we’ve all learned so much about songwriting, producing & recording in a pretty short amount of time.” reflects NALA.

Laying down a foundation of trunk rattling bass & beats, and convincingly marrying the albums many diverse influences, Isaacs reminds listeners that he’s still the man. Perhaps it is unexpected that NALA’s tender vocals should sit atop a groove so propelling. The secret to its success may also lie in the lush Rhodes Piano stylings of keyboardist Sebastian Buccioni, along with his handpicked selection of both vintage and modern synths. But then again, it might even have to do with the albums guitar collective, including Jarek Dabrowski & Dave Pake, delivering hauntingly memorable riffs on every track. Not one to be outdone, trumpeter Aurora Cowie also graces the album with sprinklings of her bebop-tinged melodies. While it is hard to say exactly how and why, all elements work in perfect harmony to both touch the soul and move the body.

With the next big thing always on her mind, Nala’s main goals are to continue to grow as an artist and continue to increase her presence in Canadian music scene. At the core Nala is a woman driven to succeed and to continually outdo herself. She continues to push boundaries as an artist, to evolve and move forward.


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