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Saturday · May 4th · 2013

This week on MUSIC+ we have Tania Joy to talk about her upcoming EP release, I'll be Around

Tania Joy

Josh: What’s the Story behind I’ll Be Around (The EP)?

Tania: It's based on personal experiences and reflections on past relationships. The songs explore a time when I learned a lot about myself, what I was capable of and who I really am at my core. At times that person was in jeopardy, and in many ways this EP reflects my return back to myself. Many of the songs expose emotions and struggles that I think people can relate to. The songs allowed for closure in some respects, and inspired new possibilities in others. I'll be Around allowed me to journey through the darker side of life and emerge knowing I'd never let myself down again.

J: Why did you go with I’ll Be Around as the title track?

T: I'll Be Around captured that vulnerable state of putting myself out there, figuring out what I stand for, and knowing everything will work out fine. I believe knowing what we are committed to is the first step to our own personal freedom. There was never a doubt for me that it was the right choice for the title track.

J: How did you decide what songs went on this EP?

T: I chose the songs I was most connected to on a personal level. These songs helped me through some challenging times, and brought things to life that I’m not sure I knew I had in me. I think people can relate to that.

J: Which song would you say you enjoyed recording the most?

T: I would say the reggae song New Ending. Although it was originally written as a folk ballad, performing it with the band brought out the reggae vibe and enhanced the positive messages in the song over the negative undertones. There was no need to overthink it, it has a great groove, and its been a favourite since.

J: Which song was most difficult to record?

T: At the beginning of the recording process there were a couple of tracks that we recorded live off the floor, and didn't get the results we wanted, so we ended up rebuilding them from scratch.

J: At what point did you decided “Okay, now is the time to make an EP”?

T: Good question. I started this project over a year and a half ago after scoring a small block of free studio time with Chalet Studios. The idea at the time was just to record a couple of demos. When the hours didn't allow me to complete the project, I continued the process with another engineer, and took my time to really learn what the potential of each song could be. When those initially songs were completed I came back to my engineer with a new batch of songs and the idea to turn the collection of songs into an EP. It was never the master plan, but I'm learning all too quickly that 'never' doesn't carry much weight with me anymore.

J: What was the “EP process” like?

T: I took my time in the studio and worked organically with my engineer to layer in ideas for each track until the songs took the shape we were both pleased with. I brought in seasoned musicians that I trusted and respected for their expertise and expression, and as the process moved forward I gained more confidence in guiding the direction of the music. It was a great hands on learning experience.

J: Your EP release party is on May 5th (tomorrow); what goes into getting an event like this together?

T: As an independent artist, there is a lot to take on in order to release a new album, and put together a show like this. I worked for about three months prior to the event, planning and executing all of the promotional aspects, booking the venue, booking and scheduling the talent, promoting the show, and coordinating the release party with the official release date of the EP. Of course a great team of friends and allies the night of show is a great asset, and I’m lucky to have a wonderful support team behind me.

J: What can we expect to see/hear at your release party?

T: The EP Release party is being held at the historic Gladstone Hotel in Toronto. You can look forward to the dazzling talents of well-known local acts: Candice Sand and Arlene Paculan, to open the show, and I will be backed by a full band, for a great night of soul and blues music that will move you and groove you.

J: After the release party, where can people pick up a copy of I’ll Be Around?

T: You can purchase I’ll Be Around through the following outlets:

Physical Album and Digital Downloads:
CD Baby:

Physical Album:
Blue Heron Books: 62 Brock W. Uxbridge, ON L9P 1P3 (905) 852-4282
Wasted Space: 74 Celina St., Oshawa, Ontario (905) 240-5504

Digital Downloads:
Amazon, Spotify and other online retailers

J: Now that your EP is here, what’s next? What can we expect over the next few months?

T: I’m taking a look at recording some material I’ve written over the last year, and will be releasing another single in the coming months. I’m also going to keep the momentum going creatively, and collaborate with other songwriters, artists and producers.

You can connect with Tania Joy on Facebook and Twitter and hear music from I'll B e Around on INtune Radio in the afternoon between noon and 3 pm.


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