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Tuesday · September 25th · 2012

This summer, Heather Hill completed her cross Canada tour and we caught up with her for an interview!

Q. You recently just completed your cross Canada tour, what can you share about this experience?
I had the best time traveling around and playing. I started with a radius tour (traveling to cities which radiated out from my home town of Toronto). From there I started booking cities where I had some traction in radio.

Q. Do you perform with a full band or go solo?
When I am closer to home, and it is a paying gig, I bring my band. It really depends on the economics as well as the opportunity. On the road, I usually play solo. I do have a few songs that are easy to pick up, so a local guitar player can quickly learn it and play a few with me.

Q. What songs did end up playing the most?
I ended up playing the songs off my latest album (that I was touring) plus a few of my novelty songs that are bound to bring a laugh outside of Toronto like Metrosexual Man. I added a few covers too, depending on the venue. Of particular interest were Last Train, 27, Between the Leather” and “Second Chance.

Q. Which City would you say had the best crowd?
I opened for Treble Charger in Sault Ste Marie. This was an amazing crowd that loved Greig Nori and Bill Priddle. They did a bunch of acoustic TC songs. I played before them and really loved the rock vibe! I had a number of friends up there that came as well. It was a magical night playing to a sold out show (150) on a Wednesday night at Lop Lops. The next best crowd was the London Music Club.

Q. Which City surprised you the most?
I wasn’t sure what was going to happen in Orillia (Brownstone Café) – if my music would work there, but it turned out great. It was a huge drive on a holiday weekend. When I got there, it was pretty quiet and it is usually booming. The sound was challenging and I was playing behind a lot of equipment (the opening band’s stuff was in front of my keyboard). The place filled up and I ended up getting a few great new fans and sold several CDs. My oil light when on during the drive home at 1pm and I had to deal with that!!

Q. What was your favourite venue?
My favorite venue was Greenfield’s Pub in Nepean. The stage and sound were incredible. I wish I had my band for that one. I was really impressed with the club. My PR person in Ottawa was amazing too! I loved Lop Lops too – couldn’t get nicer people that support upcoming artists…The Artword Artbar Theatre in Hamilton had amazing owners too! Go there support them…they have a baby grand!

Q. What was the most memorable part of your tour?
I think meeting up with dear friends that I haven’t seen for years. At almost every show, I would always see a face or two in the audience that just made the night for me. I loved the conversations after my set. On this tour, I tried to open for as many of my songwriting friends across the country as possible. It was nice to meet them and hear them in person – we had an online relationship before!

Also, I got to tour with my kids. I am lucky that for the big trips: the Sault, Ottawa, Vancouver, Victoria…my husband came and watched the kids while I played. Travelling is always better when the between gigs time is spent exploring the great places.

Q. Now that this tour is over, where do you go from here?
I am playing in Montreal and NYC in the upcoming months. I plan on continuing to build my fan base online and by playing locally as much as I can. I plan on returning to all of my tour spots to continue to develop my fan base. I also want to write a lot more music and license what I have!

Q. Anything else you’d like to share?
Check out my blog for more tour info:


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