MUSIC+: Brendan Albert

Saturday · October 27th · 2012

Q. First off, tell us a bit about yourself.

Music has been my life since I was like.. 10 years old. Along the way I've learned drums, guitar, how to sing and even how to create electronic music.

Early on I wanted to be Jimi Hendrix and Joe Satriani. Many years later I began to write my own songs on acoustic guitar.I've played everything from the the opening of the paralympic games (Robson main stage) to the SunRun to Local Toronto TV.

I'm currently finishing up my EP called "stoke the fire" and will be playing a couple of songs from it at the One Fire Movement show on Thursday Oct25th.

Q. How would you classify your music?

That is always hard to explain, I am no purest when it comes to genres, I just let creativity take me for a ride.

Whatever comes out I go with. I am a strong believer in not questioning the muse. So with that said, I could call it groove and melody music because those are the constants.

Q. What made you get involved with One fire Movement?

I moved back from Vancouver a couple years ago and started to hit the open mic nights. I went to one in the beaches that my friend Luke was hosting and after I played "I Believe In Love" (my single and song on the One Fire CD) Tony from One Fire introduced himself and said he loved the song. He was one of the first to make me realize that song could be something more. Off and on I would see him in the city and one day he asked if I would be interested in Joining up for a good cause and playing on the CD. When it comes to new experiences I am always willing... and I like Tony and believe he has a good heart so it was not a hard choice.

Q. Do you think your music or your style of music, embodies or reflects One Fire Movement? In what way?

Yes, I have always been a believer in unity and working together to heal and create a better world. My songs are mostly based in overcoming adversity and the hunger for love and friendship. My lead single "I Believe In Love" was written about that. Its has personal meaning but also a wider message for everyone.

Q. You’ll be preforming Thursday (Tomorrow Night), what can fans and guest expect to hear?

I will be giving an up close and personal performance of songs off my newest EP "Stoke The Fire", including the song on the One Fire CD.

It will be on acoustic guitar with my girlfriend and an incredible artist herself "Alissa Vox Raw" singing backup. I am really looking forward to it!

Q. Is there anything else you’d like to share with us?

I just wanted to say that my life has been a real journey of ups and downs but never have I felt more complete as a person and musician than I do now and I hope you all can come down and share the great night in store on Thurs at The Super Market in Kensington. Thanks for your efforts in getting the word out and asking me to be on INtune! See you Thurs!

For more information about One Fire Movement and to get involved, check out their website: For our full coverage of One Fire Movement's, We Are One, make sure you check our our January 2013 issue of INtune Magazine!


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