MUSIC+: Ania Soul

Wednesday · October 24th · 2012

Q. First off, tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a singer/songwriter/performer living in Toronto

Q. How would you classify your music?

Soul-alternative. Soul to me is story telling with conviction and it sounds really really good. The alternative part is my other influences like blues, gospel, rock and jazz that have melted with soul to create my sound.

Q. You’ve very involved in the community and with local musicians, what can you tell us about your involvement?

I have been mentoring young female artists with the A.M.Y. Project (Artists Mentoring Youth) for the last five years which has been really fulfilling as the mentors help the young woman to tell their own stories on stage through singing and acting in a theatre setting.

I have been involved in an amazing wedding band called the St. Royals as a lead vocalist which is keeping me busy; and a few of the musicians I work with in that group also play in my original project.

My goal is to do alot more collaboration with other musicians I find I learn alot doing music with others.

Q. What made you get involved with One fire Movement?

One Fire Movement is a great project I’ve known about for a while through it’s creator Tony Roost. He has always had a vision to create positive, life changing projects to the community that is accessible to anybody which is really great.

Q. Do you think your music or your style of music, embodies or reflects One Fire Movement? In what way?

I do feel my music embodies the One Fire Movement because I live to tell my stories through song which will in some way touch somebody positively, to reflect and/or to make them feel great.

Q. You’ll be preforming Thursday (Tomorrow Night), what can fans and guest expect to hear?

You can expect to hear acoustic versions of my songs that I will be releasing in an album for next year produced by (KLM) King Luck Music! My heart and soul will be poured out on stage.

Q. Is there anything else you’d like to share with us?

Feel free to connect with me at and walk in the sun.

For more information about One Fire Movement and to get involved, check out their website:


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